The friends we choose

I wonder how we choose our friends, there are 7.5 billion people in this world and I chose the few out of them. I think it could be because I see them everyday (and if that’s so then we really aren’t friends, but only for convenience), maybe because of geography, if we live in close proximity, or we share similar ideas and values. And the list could go on, maybe it’s because we share the same culture, or we look/act the same, or maybe the saying that opposites attract is true. Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in at all, that my “friends” are just people I talk to to fill the void and social embarrassment of being alone. And then sometimes I feel like we are real friends, especially in the bad moments of life, like when one of our parents passed away, we all came together to help, or if one of us broke up with a boyfriend and of course throughout drama (I mean we are teenage girls after all). My whole life, I’ve never had 1 set of friends, I’ve always wandered through different groups and I’ve had many phases. I seem to get worn out from certain people, I think that has more to do with personal problems than their wrongdoing. But something I struggle with is choosing the right people, of course there will never be the perfect, right people but it can come close. I know especially in high school, friends aren’t forever because after the day we graduate who knows, that may be the last day we even see each other.

After hanging out with my friend this weekend at the beach I found myself in a rut about who I want to surround myself with. We’ve been friends for 11 years and we’re the complete opposite from each other. We don’t even talk much at school or over the phone but once in a while we choose to meet up and we can talk about anything together and forever. Of course since we’re the complete opposite it takes some effort to understand our differing perspectives but it’s worth it. Then other friends I seem to go back to even when they treat me badly. I don’t know why but I know that they’re not the best people and they always hurt me, but I deal with it. And the people that are my true friends, that always prove to be loyal and caring, I always seem to leave them behind. I can’t explain why I choose the friends I do, I just know I have to be better at choosing them. Like how I ended an earlier post, I’m more clueless than I was before writing this post…I’m not sure why we choose the friends we do.

Instead of trying to find the “right group”, maybe I should just focus on being true to myself and maybe the Law of Attraction will eventually do its job.


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