what’s the truth

class topic: I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion by Jonno Revanche

“For me, this is because the power of a zine is the inextricable, life-affirming granting of permission to speak.”

I have never heard of zines before this class. Maybe its because of my lack of knowledge with punk culture of the fact that I was born in the 2000s, but I’ve always had an infinite black hole’s worth of information at the tips of my fingers. So to me, obtaining news other than through the internet was unheard of. I was actually in Portland during their zine fest, but once again I had no idea what a zine was. I regret not being a little more curious to at least check it out.

Anyways I’m really looking forward to the zine project because there is something powerful about curating our own news. It’s in our point of view, and knowledge that we’ve known and we want to show the world. It’s also about something we care about. There’s so many moments when I see “news” articles about Kardashians, Jenners, Trump’s tweets, Who wore it best…I’d like to filter all that junk out.  Whether or not it’s subtle, there’s also a ton of censorship, it undeniably exists even though we live on that oh-so-proud-American-value “freedom of speech”. A pretty wide known example is Edward Snowden who after releasing information that the CIA was watching us all, had to flee the country because of charges. And just last week, Snoop Dogg’s music video “Lavender” that  explicitly criticized a character called Ronald Klump, was banned from Youtube. He was even threatened to be arrested by the president.

So what’s really the truth, it’s our jobs to find that out and zines are a pretty cool way to do just that.



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