Mr. Precedent

class topic: Spelling’s not for everyone, Mr. Precedent by Allan Fallow

Vernacular language, Californian language, sure I get it. There’s yeah no = no, No yeah = yes, Yeah no for sure = definitely. Then there’s text lingo: lol, omg, srsly, probs, and so on. Language is constantly changing around us and within one moment a meaning of a word could change. Usually, a small error doesn’t faze me as long as I can still understand what people are saying. Besides, no one likes a nit-picky grammar Nazi. There is one exception though, Mr. President and his infamous Twitter account. I could care less about what Trump tweets on his account, or what nonsense comes out of his mouth but there are responsibilities that come with being president. And who would have guessed that one day we would have to remind a president to tweet more responsibly?

I think he, the president, a person who represents the United States (and “supposedly” embodies American ideals) should be more conscious of what he’s tweeting. Not only because of the reoccurring spelling errors, but the content as well. He’s showing that it’s okay to throw any words out into the world without consequence, or hurt people from behind a screen. I like to compare him to a low-life bully with internalized personal problems, unwilling to face reality and instead hurls his insecurities and unwanted commentary at others. So Dear Mr. President, there’s a magical something called spell check…please use it and maybe your senseless insults could be a little more comprehensible.


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