peach tree

This week the peach tree in my backyard blossomed and this is a photo I took in the afternoon. Usually I’m the first one to wake up in my family and I go outside to drink some tea in the morning. The kitchen and dining room faces the garden and I sit out there every morning in the empty silence as the sun is rising and just observe the garden. It’s quite peaceful, the breeze carries the delicate pink petals through the air and the ground is covered in sections of pink flowers and green leaves. There are brown doves and hummingbirds in the morning that fly through the garden. The peach tree sits right in the middle of everything. My dad planted the tree on the day my oldest sister was born and since then this tree has alway been a part of my memories. As a kid, my siblings and I played in the tree, in the summer we picked the ripe peaches to eat and even then, I was always overwhelmed by the beauty of the blossoms every winter.


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