infinite power

There’s a lot of things in this world I don’t understand. That doesn’t stop me from learning about the unknown though. I know, without a doubt, that whatever profession I want to pursue in the future I can and I’m lucky enough to say that. I’m not sure what I did to deserve total control over my fate, but it’s empowering and I owe it solely to education. There are millions of girls in the world that can’t even dream of an opportunity like that. Well to get to the point, in environmental science we were studying the top problems of developing countries. The main ones were maternal health, overpopulation, child marriage, poverty, and infant mortality rate. 90% of all the problems were fixable by one simple action–girls’ education. Not saying ‘simple’ translates to easy, but I think it’s the most fundamental step toward a better world. (Let’s be real, girls’ education is insanely powerful, it can solve most of the world’s problems.)

It’s hard to imagine what my life would be like if my parents never left Vietnam, I’d probably be married and have kids by now. I love the fact that my biggest aspiration is not to become a domestic housewife or “marry rich” but rather be the one who’s rich on my own. In the end though I’d like to be happy more than anything, and that means doing what I love while constantly learning what the vast, infinite world of knowledge has to offer. And I’d wish for girls all over the world to get to dream and be just as limitless as I get to be.



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