repeal and replace

Class topic: (Any news article) Congress Approves the First Step Toward Dismantling Obamacare by Alan Fram and Andrew Taylor of TIME

My dad claims that the middle class carries the weight of the country, slaving away to pay for taxes that keep programs like healthcare and welfare alive. I am in the middle, middle class. My parents often complain about people on welfare or any type of government aid, calling them “lazy”. I don’t see it that way, maybe it’s because I’m not paying the taxes, but I think it’s a deliberate cycle implemented by corporate America. You see, driving or walking through a impoverished neighborhood, you’ll see an abundance of different fast food chains. Why? Because the food is cheap. Not necessarily healthy, but when you’re struggling to make ends meet, the L.A. lifestyle of “green juice, organic, kale, gluten-free” is not exactly what everyone else in the country worries about. So the cycle begins before it starts, the only choice people in poverty have to fill their stomachs are these fast food chains and their kids evidently eat the same. So when these foods are constantly consumed, developing health problems are inevitable. Of course, if someone can’t afford healthy foods how will they pay for medical bills? Once again corporations are winning, people develop so much debt that they become dependent on welfare/healthcare.

I think free healthcare is brilliant; no one should be afraid to call 911 in an emergency, or go to the doctor if they no something is wrong. Almost every European country has it and it was about time we Americans got it too. It should especially be a right for everyone to have access to vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and overall quality food. Of course that is to say it comes with increased national debt and higher taxes. I don’t have much first-hand experience with Obamacare (I’m privileged enough to say that) but I know it costs a lot and some people have deemed it to be the “unaffordable care act”. One of the silver linings of the healthcare act is that no pre-existing condition can prevent anyone from being covered! Thus, saving millions of people’s lives that wouldn’t have been able to receive treatment without insurance. I don’t know if anyone else noticed it, but even before hospitals allow you to make an appointment, they ask what insurance you’re covered by–people without are turned away. I mean I understand, that’s how doctors ensure they’ll actually get paid.

But here we have Republicans, controlling Congress, they’ve passed the first step to repealing the act and now the next step is for Senate to pass the budget which is also controlled by Republicans. It confounds me because there is no replacement plan, there hasn’t been any for the 6 years Republicans have said they would create one. What are the plans of Republicans? I’m all for improvement but you can’t repeal health care that does help 30 million people. There’s no doubt in my mind that they could create a better system, but right now is not the time without a replacement plan. In all irony, the budget to repeal the act would increase the national debt by $9.7 trillion. To the critics of Obamacare, there’s this quote by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the depression from his Oglethorpe University speech that says, “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Take note GOP leader, it says “something” not “try a nonexistent plan”.


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