defend the sacred

Class Topic: Clashes, arrests and fear–North Dakota pipeline protest at a boiling point

By Sandy Tolan

I don’t think that the protest in the North Dakota Pipeline is a “riot”. I’m against the use of mace and police force, but in order for protesters to get the outcome they want, they need to be a little aggressive. There are lots of protests throughout every year, and many just become forgotten causes. So I understand if protesters have to be a little rowdy. And how I see it is they are fighting a win-win cause: against environmental degradation, for Native American’s rights and their land, against corporate interests of monetizing sacred ground, and most importantly preserving the land for future generations.

Recently, a judge said the construction could proceed and right after, the Obama Administration halted the pipeline. I can’t help but wonder if all this protesting will actually help. No oil company is going to ditch a 3.8 billion project. If they have to, they’ll just reluctantly build a pipeline through somewhere else. That’s the thing that kind of sucks about America, money is power and boy do corporations have power. In times like these I really think the government needs to step in against the building of the pipeline. First and foremost we owe it to the Native Americans and second,  what will there be left for the next generations if corporations just keep buying out our land? It would be cool if the plan for the pipeline was completely obliterated, maybe it would show that power resides within the people for once. Maybe all these protests could finally lead to action.


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