Weird Fishes

This is super random, but my brother’s goldfish was dying a few hours ago, and he said “this is a weird fish…blah..blah” I wasn’t listening to the rest after he said weird fish. One of my favorite songs when I was about nine was Weird Fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead. I ran to my room and I turned on the song and just listened. It’s pretty crazy how a piece of music can bring me back to a certain feeling every time, like I’m nine again. Then I started to remember all the things like playing outside til the sun set everyday and waking up early for another adventure with my brother. It was nostalgic. Not all the feelings were good though, because during this time my parents were getting a divorce and I remember listening to this song when I was sad and wanted to escape. I remember wondering whether my family would ever be the same. I can look back now and see how this one song impacted my life and I find that so cool…thanks Radiohead hahaha.


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