Milk and Honey

There’s this poetry book I sometimes/gradually read before I sleep by Rupi Kaur called Milk and Honey. Last night I read this poem and I couldn’t stop thinking about the line, “the closest thing to god on this earth is a woman’s body it’s where life comes from…the entire universe rested at my mother’s feet.” It makes me so happy to think of motherhood in this perspective, to hear about how powerful and beautiful femininity can be.

In my family all the women are strong, if we want something done, we do it. So the idea of romanticizing femininity was unheard of. Plus the traditional mindset of valuing “boys over girls” in our culture just contributes to the women in my family being taken for granted and I’d like to change that–to instill the idea in young girls that they are equally as powerful and important as boys.


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