Two Steps Back

Yesterday in class, we read an article about the election and how the loser is expected to  transfer power to the winner in order for the country to remain in unity. Well, my first reaction was Donald Trump would never transfer power peacefully, that would be a miracle. I interpreted the author’s main point as needing to improve our democracy by reducing the funding of politicians by big corporations.

But I’m writing this the day after the election, and low and behold the winner was Donald Trump.  I went to bed on election night furious and scared for the future of minorities and how Trump will undermine environmental research and progress of scientists. Some spending their whole lives trying to just prove to the masses that climate change exists, but having their research sabotaged by politicians (like Trump, John Kerry, Paul Ryan) who are funded by gas and oil companies by the millions. Those were my biggest concerns and I am lucky enough to never have the thought of my safety being compromised to cross my mind. And I hate that because this shows he’s been able to divide us up, that famous concept of “divide and conquer” is what he’s just done to America. I understand why the middle of the United States found the appeal to him, they’ve been left behind while the economy is controlled by the urban, diverse coasts. And what he did was ultimately promise to make America white again, not great, but white. If only everyone realized we’re all immigrants unless you’re Native American. What I may never be willingly able to understand is why women of any race would vote for Trump when he blatantly disrespects and objectifies women, and don’t get me started with race and religion. Electing him has justified his words and actions, letting little kids believe everything he’s said is perfectly okay. I really hope all his words were just to grab the attention he needed in order to gain voters, and not the actual him when he serves his term.

In the end, Hillary’s concession speech was graceful and quite bittersweet for me. After listening to it I felt better and more hopeful because like she pointed out, he at least deserves and open mind (Don’t get me wrong I still hate him though). My favorite part was: “To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your dreams.”

But wait, let’s leave this on a nice note… there’s room for optimism because ultimately I think public opinion is more powerful than any position in government. After all, it was Bush who signed 66% of all kelp forests in existence and Nixon who passed many acts associated with environmental progression (whether it be purely political, nonetheless he created the Environmental Protection Agency) so hey, you never know. So it’s nice that I have my initial thoughts of the 2016 election written down to look back on and who knows what will happen…

(I’ll probably look back and regret writing such and emotionally driven blog post, oh well.)


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