Today I re-watched The Little Mermaid with my neighbor whom I was babysitting and all of a sudden it brought me back to my childhood. All I ever wanted was to be when I was young was a mermaid, every time I went to the beach I searched for mermaids. I used to think that if I swam hard enough like a mermaid, I would grow a fin and be one. I don’t really know why but I’ve always been fascinated with them. It wasn’t because the classic princess/mermaid story The Little Mermaid (I thought it was trash that Ariel gave up being a mermaid to be with Eric lol), but the fact that mermaids had a connection to the ocean, the ability to communicate with sea animals and some type of spiritual, goddess-like embodiment. I also thought that having a beautiful, shimmery fin was the epitome of femininity. It sounds weird, I know. I feel like what we’re interested in while we’re young  attributes to how we perceive the world in the future.


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