My favorite feeling

I was staring into space yesterday during school. And the dude across from me asks “are you sad?” I was too lazy to answer with more than yeah in hopes the conversation would end. He replied with, “I just think of times when I’m happy.” I appreciated his concern, but I really wasn’t sad, I just usually daydream in class. Since I was just sitting there like a zombie, I decided to take his suggestion. Surprisingly, as I searched through my mind of memories, it took me awhile to think of a moment.

When I’m most happy is when I stick my head out the car window (like a dog lol) and watch everything passing by. The sun warms my face, the crisp air on my skin, the wind blowing my hair and all noise becomes indistinguishable. Every blink is like a shutter on a camera, a photograph. Everything moves fast, I feel as if I’m drifting away into the vastness of space. Everything I thought that mattered doesn’t and I just close my eyes and consume the moment. And the fact that myself, a speck of dust in this gargantuan of a universe can feel so whole and warm inside because of this exact feeling, makes me happy.  This moment (pictured is Kauai) makes me smile every time I think about it.

So thank you dude that sits across from me for your advice and indirectly reminding me of my favorite feeling.


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