Peachy keen, Jellybean.

This photo is of my sister, her pink hair, and pink flowers in Kauai, Hawaii.

I had a conversation today with my dad when a guy covered in tattoos walked by. My father showed a lot of distaste for it and went on about how that guy would regret it when he gets older and other stuff that I blocked out. A lot of times my viewpoints and my parents’ viewpoints differ and I was upset about the things my dad said this time. The conversation brought me back to the time my sister came home with dyed pink hair and every one of my relatives started blaming my parents for not raising her right. So as the next generation of my family, I’d like to discontinue this judgment and distaste of people who decide to express themselves differently. I’ve always looked up to my sister because she does what ever she wants and dresses how ever she wants; she doesn’t care about what others think at all.

Some people express themselves with their clothes, while others with tattoos–maybe with music, or how they talk, or with art. To me, people with tattoos are the coolest because when they’re passionate about something, they’re willing to permanently put it on their skin to show the world. Everyone expresses themselves differently, and we should value those differences instead of judging them.




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