Lone Wolf

I found this rose growing all by itself in my backyard on Tuesday; it’s weird because roses aren’t in bloom right now. My backyard looks pretty dead at the moment but this single rose is towering over all the other plants in full bloom. It led me to think about how a lot of problems in our life have to be dealt alone. Sure, I think talking to others as an outlet to our emotions is important, but in all honesty other people can’t solve my problems. It’s kind of a lone wolf situation where in order for me to reach point B, I have to find point A myself without depending on others. I can’t depend on others for my happiness or success. I’m in control of my actions and despite what other people are thinking/doing, if I want to achieve something I better do it myself. I think a lot of people are afraid to be alone and different, that’s why social constructs exist. But I’d rather perceive being independent and accepting my differences (or blooming alone like this rose) as a fundamental part in growing up.



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