Warning: photo is irrelevant, I just like it.

Every year, I wish to get sick because I want a mental break from school (in all honesty), but EVERY YEAR I regret wishing that. I’ve been home sick for the second day now, and yes it’s nice to rest, but I’ve forgotten what it feels like to breath with my nose, to taste what I’m actually eating, and to feel not drowsy. I’m overwhelmed with all the work I have to catch up on. So my point is I’ve come to appreciate these blog posts as an outlet. A lot I don’t publish but rather save as drafts because my ideas are usually scattered, but getting my thoughts concrete (in front of me) or my complaints written is relieving. This class has got me to enjoy writing more  because for once I perceive writing as nonchalant, not the usual, formal, five paragraph, worth 60% of my grade essay.


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