This piece is called Flow #1 and is by a Japanese artist named Fujikasa Satoko. I saw this in the Portland Art Museum last summer. I have been to countless museums including the Louvre, but this sculpture has made the biggest impression on me. A picture does not do justice, but in person it’s as if the piece is defying gravity. It looks like white silk blowing in the wind, but it’s made out of stone. There is not one part on the sculpture with a dent or fingerprint, it is smooth and flowing. How the artist carved stone like that is incomprehensible.

The main reason I’m writing about this though is because I noticed the power a piece of art had. There were no words or description except the title, yet I imagined a story. I had made this whole narrative on how this was a part of a silk dress worn by a girl being surrounded by a storm and the silk itself came to life as a protective spirit. One of my questions I chose in class was Can stories be told without words?  and already I had imagined a back story when this sculpture could have easily been made just to show movement. This was an encountered that had answered my question, but now I must discover How it told a story.


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