Expectations this year: an open door of possibilties 

This AP English Language class to me is kind of overwhelming, not in the traditional sense where I’m given loads of homework, but because I actually have to think. Its weird because I always thought “of course I think and use my brain when I’m in school” but really most classes are monotonous work:  notes, memorization, and tests. And if I’m lucky I’ll remember the information for a month at most then forget. I know this course is suppose to help me pass the AP exam, but I know I’ll get more out of the class. It hasn’t been long since school started but I think this class is about helping me develop a voice, writing style, and to dig deeper. Naturally, I have a thought and it ends there, rarely do I ask “why”. So I find myself struggling on the simplest tasks, like these SQUID posts or just analyzing a small text. This class is out of my comfort zone because I’m so used to the conventional “class”, I’ve never had to explore outside of the given texts, but I’m up for the challenge and excited to see how I develop as a writer, thinker, and person by the end of the school year.



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