Celebrating Differences

I saw a Tumblr text post years ago saying, “We all learn how to write the same, but everyone develops different handwriting as they get older.” Last week, one of my peers in my AP Environmental Science class made a comment about how he/she was stupid. I understood what they meant by feeling behind, but I realized that I hate that people feel they are stupid. It shocked me because from my perspective I’ve always looked up to this person because they were smart to me and they’re in an AP class. The idea that “smart” is measured by a letter grade received in school irritates me. I wish more people understood that people aren’t stupid, it’s just everyone is better at different things or some learn faster than others. We all have different skill sets, just like how everyone looks different, has unique voices, and body types. So this situation reminded me of that text post and I thought it was really cool how we develop our own style of writing, and I thought it was something we should apply and accept with everything else.



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