(The picture was taken in a forest in Oregon)

So what usually happens on Youtube, is I search up a music video and 30 minutes later, I find myself watching a random video, sometimes it becomes a waste of my time or sometimes I stumble upon a video that was worth watching. Yesterday I watched a documentary called Suicide Forest in Japan. The Aokigahara Forest is what it’s actually called and it sits at the base of Mt. Fuji. The forest has become a popular place to suicide in Japan, 100+ deaths take place there annually. The forest is green year round, and one of the most beautiful forests in Japan. The documentary follows Azusa Hayano, a geologist whose work primarily concerns environmental protection, but he spends his time searching for suicidal people in the forest in attempt to convince them not to. Azusa mentions that poor families used to abandon their elders in the forest because they couldn’t take care of them and that suicide was an act of a samurai, but now people suicide because they can’t conform to society. He says this line when he notices bouquets of flowers and chocolate for a suicide victim from his/her family: “You think you die alone, but that’s not true. Nobody is alone in this world. We have to coexist and take care of each other.” I thought he said it in the best way, his words were very powerful and ultimately the truth. I started thinking of reasons why this feeling of loneliness has increased. So my conclusion is that with technology there are some downsides, even though it has expanded ways of communication, it’s caused an absence of face to face conversation. So much that its caused some people to feel more alone than ever. I think our jobs as humans on the populous planet is to coexist, but we’ve forgotten how to.


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